Wellington Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Wellington Fire and Emergency New Zealand call us on 04 237 9613 or in case of fire phone 111

Fire Danger Levels


The map below shows the current WRFA's fire danger levels


Any fire escaping from an ignition source in these conditions will exhibit explosive, uncontrollable fire behaviour. Fires will become deep-seated and be extremely expensive to contain and extinguish


Intense surface fires are a distinct possibility with any ignition source. Torching and intermittent crowning in exotic forest is likely. A fire attack on the head of any fire under these conditions is likely to fail.


Any fire outbreak constitutes a serious problem. Running or vigorous surface fires are most likely to occur. Control becomes increasingly difficult.


Creeping or slow burning surface fires could well eventuate with an ignition source but control of such fires is comparatively easy. Fire damage can still result and fires can be costly to suppress if they are not attended to immediately.


Vegetation fires are unlikely due to moist soil surface conditions. If a fire does ignite it is unlikely to spread much beyond its point of origin and should be relatively easy to control. Smouldering combustion may still need to be mopped up for complete extinguishment.