Community Responsibility to the Threat of Rural Fire call us on 04 237 9613 or in case of fire phone 111

Community Responsibility to the Threat of Rural Fire


If you live or own property in a rural area or on the urban–rural interface, you are part of a community that has a responsibility to manage the risk of fires on your property. The community is responsible because there is no single individual, group or agency that is able to or has the full mandate to manage all the different risks associated with rural fires and the types of fires that could eventuate in this interface setting. Together, the community can be responsible for assessing hazards, being aware of fire risk, and being prepared for fires.

The Community Includes:

  • Homeowners
  • Businesses
  • Farmers
  • The Wellington Rural Fire Authority
  • The New Zealand Fire Service
  • Civil Defence Emergency Management
  • Community Officials
  • Media
  • Our schools

Community Member Responsibilities

Homeowners, Businesses and Farmers:

  • Establish and maintain a FireSmart property.


  • Understand the role of emergency services.
  • Contact the WRFA or your council to find out about local fire emergency plans.
  • Understand fire hazards, fire danger information and fire season status.
  • Predetermine whether to stay or to go in an interface fire emergency.

Fire services:

  • Provide rapid response to fires.
  • Promote and carry out fire control measures.
  • Provide information and fire-safety education.
  • Monitor fire danger and the fire environment.

Media and schools:

  • Inform the public.

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