Rural Fire Threat call us on 04 237 9613 or in case of fire phone 111

Rural Fire Threat


Threat of Rural Fire

Q: If I live in or near a rural area, how do I and my family protect our home and property from the threat of rural fire?

A: Be Fire Smart:  Is your property at risk from rural fire?

Living on a rural property, or one bordering a rural area, your home and property could well be at more risk of damage or loss due to the spread of rural fires. If your home is some distance from an urban area, you could face additional risks due to the potentially longer response time of rural firefighters and urban first response units.

Urban–Rural Interface

By understanding the unique fire risks that come with living in a rural or urban–rural interface, a community can work together to prepare and protect against fire.

What is the Urban–Rural Interface?

Properties, such as those that are residential, industrial or agricultural, are on the urban–rural interface if they are next to vegetation, whether it is forest, scrubland, or in a rural setting.